‘Landscape’ Scores a Laurel at Memphis’ Cinematic Panic Festival

Great news from False Pretense Films. Our film, Landscape, won Best Unclassifiable Cinema Insanity Short. Landscape is a color experimental film that combines disparate audio and video to create a unique combination of happy images and a soundtrack that will leave you cold. The Cinematic Panic Film Festival was a great experience that I shared with my son Connor who decided to take the six-hour trek over to Memphis with me. The festival, in its inaugural year, was a gathering of filmmakers, staff, and film buffs. I was impressed by the number of really good films at the festival. The non-competitive feature films were a lot of fun too. My son and I decided that we were going to revisit some of them as soon as we got back home.

Best Music Video Madness: Could This Be Ok?

Best Comoedia Disturbia Short: The Return of Flesh Eating Film Reels

Best Unclassifiable Cinema Insanity Short: Landscape

Best Horrorphilia/Sciencfections Short: Hypnotic Induction

Best Feature: Lights Camera Bullshit

Cinematic Panic Film Festival - MemphisThere was a huge Halloween party on Saturday night with a live band and lots of costumes. The former Black Lodge location is a very large space that’s perfect for showing films and developing a growing community of local filmmakers and cinephiles alike. Memphis is lucky to have the people involved from Piano Man Pictures and the Cinematic Panic staff and volunteers. If I ever have the opportunity to move to Memphis, I’m heading to the Crosstown area. I’d probably drive the guys crazy with ideas, meetups, and requests to use the space for films, but they’d get used to it.  😉

The Crosstown area of Memphis is one of those up-and-coming areas that includes cool new restaurants, food trucks, and The Crosstown Brewery. The Crosstown Brewery crafts some great beers. The day we were there, they were holding a silent charity auction and having a special lunch for volunteers. While waiting for the festival to open, we enjoyed great Memphis hospitality and exceptional food and drink. The Crosstown Concourse is situated between the Crosstown Brewery and The Black Lodge where Cinematic Panic was held.

Be sure to visit the Crosstown Concourse restaurants and shops. When we were there, we checked out the Stax Museums Music and Activism gallery, which was awesome.

I highly recommend this festival to filmmakers and cinephiles. It’s five days of crazy that will score you some new friends and put your teeth on edge.

The Cinematic Panic Film Festival is held at 405 North Cleveland Ave, Memphis TN 38104


The Hate Project

The Hate ProjectIf you’ve heard about The Hate Project, this is the right place to be for more information. The Hate Project is about telling everyone what you hate. It’s not about hating people; it’s about hating a thing, a food, an event, or some inanimate object. For example, some of my first haters said things like, “Cauliflower”, “Getting old”, and “Liberals.” Sure, that last one is a “people” hate but it’s also funny.

This project is an experimental look at Hate in the context of “We all hate the same things.” It’s also to show that we’re not that different from one another in what we hate.

If you can’t think of something to hate, I have a long list of things (mostly funny) to help out.

Here’s how it works:

  • I have my camera and microphone set up in a nice, shady location at the Guthrie Green.
  • You walk up and tell me what you hate.
  • You sign the release form.
  • We all wait for the compilation video.

Follow False Pretense Films on Twitter to get the latest information on this and other projects.

Be a part of The Hate Project (DIY option)

If you want to video yourself, telling me what you hate, please do so. Here are the ground rules for submitting your own video:

  1. Shoot it in 1080p.
  2. Be sure the audio is good.
  3. Keep it under 10 seconds.
  4. Stick with the format: “I hate _____________”
  5. I need your real name and your consent to use the video. Your name will not be published.

Send me a note on Twitter (@kenhess) or via email: ken-at-kenhess-dot-com and let me know how I can access the video.